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[Written Sunday, April 15th] It's 1AM. I just got off the phone with the hubs (snoring was a big indication he had fallen asleep), my niece is fast asleep next to me (she will be going back to her crib. She moves way too much!)I'm scrolling through IG when a photo catches my eye: it's of a few celebrities, a blogger and a woman who I once interned for. Seeing the latter, I was immediately flustered: legit felt heat creeping into my cheeks and engulfing my entire face. My mind works in mysterious ways, recalling random moments of my past, accompanied by the emotions I felt then. I'm definitely being hard on myself but I have always felt I fell short of expectations in internships and even some jobs. I interviewed well enough to get the position, but I felt like the employer was disappointed by my performance once I started. Probably disappointed because I am socially awkward, a crippling fact about myself that has affected my abilities to meet and exceed expectations in…

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