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Dear Brother

I remember when you and Jose told me you wanted to join the Marines and I flipped. We were at Smash Burger, by the Fulton St. Station... You both did everything you could to convince the family and I it was the right choice...
A couple months later, on Chambers Street, we said our goodbyes and off you went to boot camp... There you endured trainings not many can surpass... We worried but we had faith...Fast forward to today and you're off to Japan. Freaking Japan! How exciting!It's crazy to think about the "diaper" days. The days you'd poop by the window sill; the days you'd restart PS2 games because you were losing. And let's not forget the countless Gameboys you snapped in half. (For the record: you still owe me one!) Now, looking back is bittersweet because you're not my annoying little brother anymore: you're obviously still younger than I am but definitely less annoying and certainly taller. You a man now, honey! A man in uniform, and there …

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