Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fall 2015 Couture- Elie Saab

This visionary designer deserves a post of his own. Season after season, his intricate, masterpieces grace the runways leaving everyone in their presence in awe. Year after year, I am left with the motivation to work harder and harder so that one day I am able to at the very least, witness the artistry that are Elia Saab's designs. A racing heart, vivid hallucinations and tremors are not the result of "recreational activities" with me- my drug comes in the form Elie Saab and his marvelous, wondrous, breath taking, alluring works of art.

Excuse me if my words have failed to capture the essence of the vestiture below- I can't think straight... Literally one of the world's greatest designers to have ever lived.

If I am ever given the privilege to even see in person an Elie Saab original, I will die a happy woman. I mean don't you feel IT when you see these images and all his others collections??


2lipsinluv Elie Saab

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fall 2015 Couture

What would my wardrobe look like if I had an unlimited bank account (or at the very least, a rich daddy)?
Well, look no further than the latest Fall 2015 Couture collections.

Looks that took my breath away (& made my heart skip a beat):

Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

Atelier Versace

Christian Dior
Ulyana Sergeenko

See entire collections from all shows and seasons on



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