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As human beings, we need a lot to survive: shelter, water, proper nutrition, oxygen... end of thinking capacity. Dominicans have their own set of  necessities to survive, especially when they've immigrated to a different country. I've listed 5 of these "survival essentials" below.

5 things Dominicans can't live without (no matter how far from the island they go):

1. A phone plan with unlimited minutes for international calls to Dominican Republic. ¡Hay demasiado bochinche que contar, dejame decirte!" Indirect translation: There is too much gossip for 500 minutes/month for a Dominican. Let's do some math: 20 cousins, 4 grandparents/great grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles. Cousins get 30 minutes each. And that's it; there goes 600 of the 500 free minutes/month (in less than a week) and a higher phone bill.

2. Vick's Vapor Rub. Or as they call it "Vi Vapo Ru". It's the cure all, end all pains. Got a pimple? "Vi Vapo Ru." Head…

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