I've always had an old soul so my thoughts were (almost always) ahead of my age. To me, the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," was about more than just a very hungry caterpillar who ate everything in its path. I was fascinated by how the tiny egg on a leaf at the beginning of the book became a majestic butterfly at the end, its beautifully colored wings spanning two whole pages. In my mind, I was that little egg of a caterpillar, waiting to become a butterfly.

Though delicate, my wings are finally breaking free of the cocoon I've created to keep myself safe during metamorphosis.

Let yourself grow. And if you find your wings early on, test them out before you fly.

Feel free, happy and at peace. Enjoy the beauties of life like the tiny caterpillar did (so eat without worrying about "getting fat" Hello, at the end the caterpillar looks fab anyway) and someday you'll be that beautiful, majestic butterfly.



(My images are either from Google searches or Tumblr). 


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