I love giving advice. My posts will reflect that.
I hope that the following snippet gives someone, somewhere, the peace of mind we so desperately seek but rarely ever find.

Although I have a hard time with this myself, accept the losses of life for what they are and live day by day. As difficult as it is, move on. (Deep breaths, move on.) This doesn't mean give up on things you love because miracles truly do happen every day but remember to put things into perspective. We don't always see things for what they are but rather what we believe them to be. What you lost yesterday can be a lesson for today can be either a blessing or a lesson for tomorrow. Either way, you still grow as a person. Either way, life goes on. Live your life.

On that note fellow reader, forgive & forget. Seriously; it's the best anti aging & De-stress-er.
Seek forgiveness if need be. Apologize if you must.
Your heart and soul will thank you for it. 




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