A funny thing...

I hear this little story often. Don't quote me on it, this is the brief version: I asked an elderly couple how they managed to stay together for so long. There response was.that when things go wrong, you don't give up on each other.

It's true: If you live in your dream home and a lightbulb goes out do you replace the lightbulb or the entire house?

Know and love yourself before getting romantically involved with someone. That bs that people can't control who they fall for doesn't cut it with me. (Think about it- you control who you get to know and believe it or not the human brain is more powerful than their feelings. Therefore, if you fall in love, it's your doing.)

Love is deeper than we all think it is and that's where the troubles begin. It's not easily disposable so if you have disposed easily, it wasn't real love to begin with. Perhaps infatuation, lust or plain ol' stupidity.
The young think they know what love is because they think they have life figured out. While the elder look down on the young because they've experienced life and the young have still a lot to live. Don't look down on the upcoming and for the upcoming, don't disregard those who've been alive for longer.

Age is but a number. Maturity has no age. Neither does love. But what people don't realize is love has its stage. And not everyone is always ready for it. Even when they think they are.

Live and love but don't forget to grow.




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