Frozen Woes (& Toes)

For a split second, life stands still and my thoughts overwhelm me. They are good. They are bad. I can't escape them.
I'm guilty of over thinking and I know that it is part of growing up. For me it is a defense mechanism against being ridiculed, hurt, deceived. And I know I have to try to let it go. I have to let myself go, let my mind run free but not let it consume the best of me, even if it's not easy (sometimes).

Don't let the world make you cold. As afraid as I am to let go, I challenge myself every day, in little ways. And each day I get closer to my inner warmth. Each day I awaken my inner strength.

Trying to get (and stay) warm. If you are frozen, you should try and do the same.



P.S: On a lighter note, I really am frozen. Went out to get frozen yogurt and now my poor toes are solid. At least I got my fro-yo fix.


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