May not be the best picture but I love these beauty products. #makeup Best parts? (1) They can all be found quickly (2) all at reasonable prices (3) they work wonders and (4) they all fit in my little to-go makeup bag! The VS catalogs are a great background, no? #victoriassecret

Starting from
1. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup (mouthful to say huh!) My faithful foundation lasts all day (& night). It glides on smoothly and leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh faced and makeup free. Added plus- it has an SPF 18 & packed with Goji Berry + Caffeine, which visibly firms and improves skins overall condition. Truly is the fountain of youth. I use 220 Sandy Beige. #maybelline #antiaging (never to early to start!)#foundation

2. NYX Tinted Moisturizer (black tube)- Just like it says on the tube: "Flawless, lightweight coverage. Oil free with a touch of hydration." This is perfect for the don't feel like heavy makeup but still want to look fresh days. Although Tan (TM06) is a bit dark for me right now, but it'll work for the summer. 

3. NYX BB Beauty Balm- "Perfection in a tube" is right! Oil free with a hint of color that brightens and smooths your complexion. A must try for all! Added bonus is you can use this as a primer or alone. #BBcream

4. Speaking of #primers-NYX Angel Veil is simple, well, heavenly! I gave one to my mother and sister and they LOVE it! It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, it's oil free. #angelveil #nyxcosmetics #nyx

5. Another primer favorite- L'Oreal's Revitalift Miracle Blur (red tube). It literally is a miracle, erasing fine lines and wrinkles. My mother and I swear by it. It's our secret to staying so fab. ;) My mother doesn't buy beauty products (she waits for me to) but she said she is definitely getting her own Miracle Blur.
#loreal #miracleblur

6. #bronzer time! (Brown circular compact) This one I'm not sure where it's from because I've used and abused it so much the name has rubbed off but I'm almost 100% sure it's Physician's Formula. Nice tan glow during the winter without the commitment of tanning creams? This is your product! I use it for contouring as well. #contour #physiciansformula #glow

Now to my favorite thing to accentuate- eyes! 
7. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel (white) to keep those beasts tamed (I also swab a bit on my #eyelashes). #eyebrowgel #nyx 

8. My all time favorite, the first mascara I have ever used and still continue to is L'Oreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black (gold and black) For major volume without the fakes this is the best mascara! I'm always complimented when I wear this... and the next one... #loreal #voluminous

9. This one I just started to use and it's #amazing NYX More to Love #mascara. Lush, lush, lush lashes in seconds! My sister won't stop using it either! (Tip: All my mascaras are in black because I feel that gives the most drama but always tailor colors to suit your natural hair color.)

10. See the small beige circle next to my mascaras? That's Maybelline New York's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Nude Light 4. It's smooth and looks totally natural. #maybelline #matte

11. MAC's Studio Finish Concealer NC35 has an SPF of 35 and is perfect for hiding any imperfection. I use it for #undereyecircles and hide any redness/spots. #maccosmetics #mac #concealer   

12. Cheeks I use YSL's Touche Blush (blush button) Fard A Joues (blusher)- you can literally push it like a button and it deposits the perfect amount of blush. The light pink color works for my skin tone (light/medium) and it has a built in mirror, perfect to take on the go. (gold and pink)

Now my highlighting secrets-
13. #VS (Victoria's Secret) Pro Radiant Fix Face Illuminator. (It's the tube next to Candice Swanepoel's torso). This stuff is magical. It makes my skin looks dewy and glowy. I apply this to the tops of my cheeks, cupid's bow (curve of your top lip) and on my eyelids when I don't feel like wearing eyeshadow.

14.Physician's Formula Shimmer StripsCustom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Nude Collection- In short: it's the perfect palette for creating a soft, warm, everyday look. I use this for day and night because I'm not a big colored eye shadow person. This palette allows me to play up my eyes without making it look like I'm trying too hard. #perfect #playupeyes #versatile #physiciansformula

15. Eco Tools brushes are inexpensive and work just as well as the fancier makeup brushes. Plus: they truly are eco-friendly, made out of bamboo, recycled aluminum and 100% cruelty free. #makeupbrushes #ecotools

16. #victoriassecret #lipgloss (pink and silver tube) 17. #blistex (blue) that's all I'll say because frankly, that's all I need to say. #bestever #softlips #kissable #gloss

If you've made it this far, #thankyou for taking the time out to read this lengthy post! Hopefully this helps anyone looking for makeup that is affordable, versatile and good enough quality to last hours on end.

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