I am girl.

I've become such a "girly girl" according to those closest to me. I don't think it was my conscious choice. 
I feel like it was bound to happen after years and years of being like one of the guys. I was so like "one of the guys" in middle school the boys called me Juwanna Mann because I would actually play the sports in gym (while the rest of the girls bitched and moaned). It wasn't offensive; I could take a joke/teasing (still can. It's what happens when 80% of your family consists of males and strong willed women). Clearly I wasn't trying to be anything but myself. A girl who genuinely enjoyed being active, whether or not I was being watched by a group of guys. 
But somewhere along the road, I became aware of why I was being watched and it changed something in me. I won't blame the girls I hung out with but they played a part in why I changed. 
I became more conscious of my actions, letting them be more to grab guy's attention then just being myself.  But that was long ago and I can breathe and be myself now. I am not camouflaging to be like my peers.
I can be and am girly. I'm allowed to be girly because well, I'm a freaking girl. 
 Stop labeling me (and others). If I want to wear makeup to the park and sweat it out, it shouldn't concern you judgmental people. I will always have an affinity for the color pink (even though my favorite is blue). I love flowers, perfume, lipsticks and lip gloss, clothing and shoes (& accessories of course). But another side of me will always be that chick who isn't afraid to hang with the guys and be like one of them. If course I have boundaries, but that's a whole other story...
My story, my life is more than meets the eye. Take the time to get to know me and less time making assumptions.
I am girl. Hear me roar. 


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