Ms. Grumpy?!

Today I was told I need to be more social. WTF? I thought I was plenty social. Guess not enough to please society.

I'm just a quiet person. Screw me for being quiet? Heck no! Does it make me a bad person that I don't have verbal diarrhea? Heck no! I'm a listener; an observer. I am a shoulder to cry on. The advice giver. The hugger. The silly one who can get the party started (and on occasions, cause trouble [wink,wink]). I can be the serious one who just wants to chill out. If I'm comfortable with you and I trust you, you'll know it. Trust me people, you DO NOT want me to get started. Just ask my sister, brother and boyfriend.

Get to know me before you judge me. And if you think you know me yet you're still telling me to be more social, then you don't know me at all. 

Give me a chance. Give me time. Let me give. Let me live. 



P.S: I've been Ms. Grumpy from ages 1-5; guess still have residual affects of those years lol  (nah!)


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