Does it really exist? Who determines what is perfect? A teacher? Your parents? Or yourself?

I may joke around and say that people in the likes of William Levy, Romeo Santos, Adrianna Lima and Beyonce are perfect, but that's my point of view. I deem them to be overall packages- good looking, successful, humble, etc.- but that's a judgement based only on what they want the public to see. Another person may have a different point of view, as always, for what they consider perfect.

Therefore, don't judge your "perfection" on the opinions of others. You may not be perfect to one individual but in someone's eyes you could be the epitome of what perfection is.

Don't dwell on being perfect- it's just a word. Focus on being yourself- you're more than any word could ever describe.



Feeling terribly sick... hence the earlier than usual post. 


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