Valentine's Day, Every Day

I don't post on Fridays so I'm posting this now:
I've never had a Valentine's Day like the ones in those too perfect for reality romantic movies or those cute pictures people post up on social media. 

But guess what? You don't hear me bit**ing about it. Because guess what? I notice the wonderful things people do for me every other day of the year. On random days, I've received letters, chocolates, teddy bears, etc., even a hot guy (yeah, you, babe). Not on the days society says that's the day for love, but on random days of the year. And those random acts of kindness on those random days mean so much more to me because they are unexpected.

So before bitc... I mean, fretting, over not ever having a "perfect" Valentine's day, remember all the perfect other days you've had with people who show you they love not once, but any time of the year.
And if you've had your heart broken on Vday why get mad at the day? Heartbreaks happen whenever, wherever to whoever. Buy yourself a pint of Haagen-Dazs, call over some friends and let it go!

Forget society and make the best of EVERY DAY!




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