Pandora's Box

Short story: One of my most memorable school trips was when I went to the Museum of Natural History. It was when I discovered and purchased a small amethyst stone, gifted my mother. 
  Crystals have meaning behind them, many believing they have healing powers. The amethyst is the Pisces birthstone, which offers its bearer protection, faith. Of course, this is a matter of belief- if you believe it, then it'll work for you. I believe that to some extent, these stone placebos can help anyone get through certain situations. Knowing their meanings give you hope, clarity and peace of mind. Click on the link

Recently I discovered: Pandora's Essence Collection. It embodies the real you and what you're working towards, whether it is peace or courage or wellness. Each "charm can express the path you seek to find your true, inner self. It can be a gift from someone special who admires a quality within you. Or, simply the inspiration you needed to move on to greater deeds."

These symbolic charms don't work miracles. But they are a nice reminder of how truly special the receiver is. 

Can't wait for mine!



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