Random Feelings #3

Best Friend definition thanks to Princeton: “the one friend who is closest to you.”
I put the emphasis on one. Sure, many people have many best friends but I prefer not to bestow that title on multiple people for multiple reasons. I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

Relationships are built on a foundation of trust and honesty; without the two, the relationship will exist but it will not be a healthy one. 
Best friendships are built on trust, honesty, laughs and having someone who won’t talk negatively about you whether you’re okay with each other or not. Sounds personal? It somewhat is. Not just for me but many people. But yes, I've been there, I've done that. I’ve forgiven. And yes, I’ve forgotten. I can’t hold onto things that happened because I can’t control what others do nor can I change the past. 
All I, we, you, have is now. And right now, I choose to forget what has been done and deal with what is currently happening.

I do have very close friends I’ve known for years and countless cousins (and other such family members) who have my back no matter what. I love them with all my heart but they’re not my best friends. I do have a brother, sister, mother and father who I would give my life for but even they’re not my best friend. They are my family, my blood, my loves.

My best friend is no better than anyone else but there are a few things my best friend has and continues to gives me consistently that keeps them in that special place… I know you’d like to know but if you’ve been paying attention to the above, you’d already know the answer.

I don’t need best friends for every season. I don’t call each new person who listens to me and calls me every day etc. my best friend. That’s just me. I am particular with certain words. Calling someone my best friend would be one such title I hold with great esteem and I’d give it to whoever is willing to live it. 
I can be one. I can have one. I am one. I have one. 

Nothing phony. Don’t hate on me. What you get is what you see.
-Jennifer Lopez, Jenny from the Block (lol)





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