The Big Blue

The world's largest infinity pool.
The waves caress the sand and crash into rocks.
At times adorned with clouds of white foam or dark, murky seaweed.
Regardless, it's peace.
The sand can be cruel, the waters too.
The sand overheats in the sweltering summer suns
And the waters claim lives
Regardless, it is peace.
It drowns out the sorrows and woes of city living.
It is a body of water with great power.
Powers that draw you in, mesmerizing and at times dangerous.
Still, it is peace.
Creatures swim, creep and crawl on it's surface, it's bottom and everywhere in between.
This is nature at it's rawest. Not purest but it's force is unattainable, uncontrollable.
Regardless, it is my peace.
It is my sanity
My favorite summer memory
The place I my soul will always long to visit
The place where my body finds it's peace.

Even a winter baby can admit that nothing compares to days spent on the powdery sands, or clusters of broken shells, in the turquoise or dark blue waters and enjoying the warm winds and sunlight of the ocean, of the beach.




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