To be or not to be...

To relax, I research. Weird right? Well I’m unorthodox, a square in the circle of life (thank you Hilary Duff). I can’t, I don’t, really fit a mold, especially the one associated with my ethnicity/race. One day I’m jamming to Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” next I’m excersing to Martin Garixx’s “Animals” and on any given day, Romeo Santos’ greatest hits will be on repeat (and that would be ALL day if it weren't for people telling me to give it a break). 
See? People think that because of my background I am “supposed” to be a certain way. That I'm supposed to just like rice, beans and some sort of meat. That I'm supposed to dress this way or supposed to act that way. Or better yet, that people "expect" me to be a certain. No thank you. People think that because they know where I am from, they know who I am. No, you don’t. I’m not trying to stray away from my heritage or say that I am any better, because I am not, but there is nothing wrong with immersing myself into other cultures, other types of music, foods, etc, etc. I love authentic Italian and Mexican food; honestly, I choose those over rice and beans any day. I listen to all types of music and my list of favorite things grows and grows with each enjoyable experience.

There’s nothing wrong with assimilating into this American culture (after all, America is a salad of cultures. No longer a melting pot of them...) There's nothing wrong with expanding my horizons. I love my heritage; I will always be what I am. But that doesn't define who I am. 

So let me be "weird." I like it. I will always be me.  




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