I learned I can plan my entire life but that life does not plan for me. Life throws curve balls at us when we least expect them and we may swing but don't always manage to get a hit. (Blame my metaphor to the upcoming baseball season). Life is unpredictable and it takes you places you never thought you'd go to. That's the beauty of it. I had other plans for my life. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, a teacher, an actress, a fashion designer. Now I just want a job to pay off my massive loans.
There are times I feel I wasted my time by going to college then there are times I thank God for all the doors He's closed and the ones He's held open for me. It all happens for a reason.

But one thing I won't ever do is give up on my dreams, to be successful in whatever I set my mind to.My dreams are what have brought me this far. My dreams save my life every day.

Don't give up on your dreams. The nightmares along the road? It all happens for a reason. One day you'll see that it will all be worth it.




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