Who run the world?

I believe women are very powerful, amazing beings. But when jealousy and insecurities come into play, they make the most beautiful and powerful of girls the ugliest and weakest of them all. Be confident in who are and share that confidence with other women. Enlighten don't undermine.
Don't turn each other into competitors. Do your best and stop worrying about what others’ may be thinking of your actions. Have respect for yourself but also respect other females for what they are. Find your calling, play up your strengths and continue living life the way it makes you happiest. But also let other women do the same. Use them for more power in the sense that you empower them to be better.

Don’t wrestle with a pig because you’ll get dirty- and pigs like getting dirty. (Don't get involved in drama. Have the courage to be yourself and do what is right).




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