A Frozen Heart

I don't shut people out for fun. I give trust, it's compromised, I take it back. It takes a lot more than I'm sorry to gain it back once I've got it. People think I'm angry and upset but actually I'm living in peace.
My conscious is clear. I'm not perfect, far from it. But everyday I forgive myself for past mistakes. It's the only way to accept mistakes and learn from them. It's the only way for me to grow.
People will say I've changed. Yes. I have. It's called maturing. Somethings in life don't work out, no matter how you try. But in those cases you have to find solutions that work for you as a person. I've found mine. People will take it as me shutting people out. It's not.
I've given enough of my heart to the same people only to have it come back damaged. Now I shall be even more selective...

What's meant to be will be. Don't force it. Enjoy it (life).

You live your way and let me live mine. I'm not telling anyone how to live; I'm voicing my opinions, giving suggestions not demands. 




  1. You just inspired me to write my own post on a similar idea. I really enjoy many of your posts. I've been reading your blog pretty much from the beginning and I can't help but always nod my head in agreement with you.


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