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Today I was introduced to an amazing artist, Pascal Campion. He is an amazing French/American illustrator and animator whose images not just speak the visual sense, but also to the heart. His images are tender with just the right amount of color, people, story telling. Each has a certain je ne sais quoi that evoke feelings of nostalgia, happiness and warmth. They are definitely pieces I would consider having around my home.

I did a bit of research on him and found the below, which spoke to me because people are always telling me how I share a lot of my life via social media and this blog. I share what I feel I should and Campion says below, not everything I share is about me.
 Interviewer: "Your illustrations seem to be inspired from real life moments. How is it to share these personal moments with the world wide web?"
Campion: "It feels pretty good. It's not always based on what has happened to me, but it's usually based on something I'm feeling...and I try to convey the emotions in a way that most people can relate to, because they have felt that at one point or another in their life..or want to feel that. In that sense, I don't feel like I'm just talking about me, myself and I, but that I'm trying to reach out and talk about universal emotions and feelings. I'm not sure if that makes sense? I think there are a few major emotions in life...and that we all perceive them in a very different way. a certain situation will make you feel love or tenderness...but the love or tenderness you would experience in this situation is different than the one your neighbor would experience, but you still call these Love and Tenderness. I try to capture the essence of these emotions and have people experience them the way they would if they were in that situation. I just use my own experiences as a springboard for that."

The man has a way with words too. Check out his work on Google, via the link below.


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