"Whatever is on your plate, is there because you said yes to it."

Let's take that in its literal sense: going to a restaurant, spending 5-10 minutes flipping through a menu, trying to decide on what to chow down. You find something yummy, tell the waiter, wait 20-40 minutes for your dish to arrive only to find out it's not exactly what you wanted. Could have been the waiter gave you the wrong plate or simply that you had envisioned something different. Whatever the reason, you're faced with two choices: 1. eat it; 2. send it back.
A great deal of people will send it back, kindly letting the waiter know it wasn't what they ordered. Others, a surprising number of others, would sit there and just eat it, even if it wasn't what they wanted.

People make mistakes so you can blame the waiter all you want but he/she is only human. And guess what, you're human too. You have the mental capability of communicating, of saying "yes" or "no." So, when life takes an unexpected turn, you do have the ability of saying "Yes I will handle this" or "No I don't want to deal." People forget they have options in life. If something doesn't feel right, if something isn't sitting well with you, you do have the option of "sending it back."

Don't be afraid to say no. Don't be so unsure of taking risks and saying yes. You never know what will come of either answer but you'll have the satisfaction of having made that decision yourself, as opposed to just settling because that's what was given to you.

Be brave.




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