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Spreading fashion knowledge: I created a list of wardrobe essentials for women, broken down by season and of course the timeless classics. Be sure to print out the list and take with you on your next shopping trip!

Year Round Basics/Classics-
        Perfect White Tee (v-necks are my personal fave because they accentuate my collarbone)
        Skinny Jeans (slightly higher rise for a more flattering silhouette)
        Crewneck Sweater (lightweight knit. Any color will work!)
        Black Pumps (mid heel or high heel, totally your choice!)
        Colorful Cross-Body Bag
        White Button Down
        Pencil Skirt
        Blazer (classic black and/or white)
        Black Dress Pants
        Leather Jacket (splurge on this & wear it all year round!)
        Menswear-Inspired Watch or Bold cuff (I prefer gold but virtually any metal will work)
        Wrap Dress (Thank you DVF- Diane Von Furstenberg! For an added bonus, make the wrap your LBD- little black dress)
        Nude Flats
        Sunglasses (Ray Bans are ageless classics)
        Ankle Boots (in a neutral color: black, olive, brown or taupe)
        Diamond Studs (well worth the splurge! Can’t splurge? Buy more affordable, costume jewelry pairs)
        Tanks (spaghetti strap for layering- can’t go wrong with black, white, skin tone)
        Cardigan (Black, grey, navy, your call! I own all!)
        Scarf (chunky wool for cooler nights & a breezy-printed-cotton one for the warmer days)
        Rain boots
        Trench coat (splurge)

        Shorts (jean or not; choice is yours)
        Breezy Dress (Maxi, mini, whichever suits your fancy)
        Strappy (flat) Sandals (just watch out for the funky tan lines!)
        Beach Bag (Tote, drawstring or hobo)
        Light weight cardi (For the cool early morns and late nights. Pick a bright color!)
        Billowy top (aka the “flowy top”- buy in a crop style to show off abs)
        Lightweight wide leg pants (think linen, which dries quickly)
        Bermuda Shorts (Khaki, olive, taupe)
        Eye catching heels (think printed or bright in color in a peep toe, strap/sandal style)
        Bathing suit (choose one that works with your body type; if you visit pools even during the colder months, swap this item to your “Year Round” list)
        Tunic (short enough to be paired with pants but long enough to wear as a beach/pool cover up)
    Flip flops- in any color! Doesn't have to match with anything; it's summertime, have fun!
Tip: for a summer night party, a pair of eye catching heels with shorts and billowy top combo or a nice mini or maxi dress. Think Miami!)

        Coat (Splurge. There are many, many styles of coats. Go out and try on a few to find the best fit for you)
        Tights (black, burgundy, brown. The colder the weather, the thicker the tights. Wool tights are the warmest.)
        Leather gloves (I own two pairs of Ralph Lauren, purchased at Marshalls ea. For about $20. Sweet deal! Faux fur lining keep fingers toasty)
        (Or) the new tech savvy gloves which allow for texting without risking hypothermia!)
        Riding boots (Black, brown. Use caution when using these in the snow, they don’t have the same grip as snow boots!)
        Snow boots (Black, white, brown)
Tip: Don’t feel stuck- just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear a piece from the “Summer” list; just layer to beat the cold. Also, revamp your classics with a few trendy pieces. You don’t need to spend much on the trends because one day they’re in, the next they’re out. Be wise with your purchases (no matter the budget), dress for yourself and don’t underestimate the power of a good tailor.



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