Nothing Lasts Forever

Unlike Kanye's & Maroon Five's songs, let's see the title of this post in a positive light.
It seems like whenever one thing is going right, another takes a turn for the worst. It’s okay though. Don’t let that get you down. It happens to the best of us. And don't allow yourself to "get used to" things going bad. Instead, learn how to deal with everything as it comes.

Life is unpredictable- no matter how much you plan, we can’t trust tomorrow because it’s not promised. However, take advantage of today; live in the present. It may not be perfect today but frankly, life won’t ever be "perfect". There’s nothing perfect about life.  It just gets a little better everyday. If you're willing to go for better, better is what you will have.

I say this time and time again because I firmly believe it is true and people need to be reminded of it. 
Be patient- everything gets better with time.




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