Be cautious with what you say and who you say what to. Be careful with what you make public.
Don't be paranoid, just careful.
Be aware that not everyone is forgiving and many can be ruthless. They'll twist your words or give an image a caption you may not agree with.
Everyone has their opinion about everything. If they're not sharing it with you they'll be keeping it to themselves or sharing it with someone else.
Don't let that discourage from being who you are or censor yourself. Don't let others cause you to feel ashamed of your mistakes- they're part of life, they're part of growing up. After a while, you learn to just laugh it off.
Be positive. Be happy. Save the b*tching for your true friends. You'll soon know who they are, if you don't know already. Life and time has a way of showing us that.

Laugh with many. Love few. Do wrong to none.
Let bygones be bygones. Let your silence speak louder than your words.




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