I was catching up on my fashion studies yesterday afternoon on WWD and came across an article stating that the Roseland Ballroom will be closing its doors today.
Not many of you are probably like “What is that?” “Where is that?” or “Who cares?” but the place is a part of pop culture history. It was the place of legends and fun: “Since opening in 1919 around the corner from its current location at West 52nd Street, Roseland has hosted a variety of events, including dance marathons, ballroom dancing and big-band performances in the earlier days, then disco nights in the Eighties and countless memorable concerts, from Frank Sinatra to Nirvana to Madonna. But we can’t forget about the many fashion shows and star-studded blowouts held inside its famed walls.” (WWD, 2014)

And one such fashion hoorah the Roseland hosted was that of LIM College’s Annual Fashion Show. And the reason this affects me so much was well, I was a part of that fashion show, it being the first one (and so far, only one) I have had the pleasure of working on. So yeah, I am bummed that future LIM students and future generations won’t be able to experience what the Roseland was and still is: a New York landmark. I may be overselling it but come on, the ballroom has been around longer than I have and I think it should have been given it at least a few more years to live. The Roseland was just 5 years shy of its 100th anniversary which in my opinion, they should have waited to have a big 100th blow out. 

Alas, all good things must eventually come to an end.



Check out WWD’s look back at the Rose:

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