"What?" vs. "¿Que?"

In a previous post, “Tech Savvy,” I touched briefly on the topic of my failing Spanish: “Ever since moving to the US, I have spent more time on English language channels, apps, websites and books than on the Spanish ones. This has ultimately caused me to have a difficult time expressing myself in my native tongue.” I am almost always forced to use “Spanglish.” I hear conversations in Spanish amongst other adults and hesitate to chime in because I don’t know how to put my English thoughts into Spanish words. I just smile. Spanish people that interact with me are surprised to hear me speak Spanish, even if it is at times, broken. I go to my country and I can’t really hold a conversation because I don’t understand their Spanish slang and because although I may have a witty comeback in English, I can’t translate it into Spanish. In high school and college I was in advanced Spanish classes but now, I feel I have to get myself back into it.   
I refuse to be of Spanish/Latino/Hispanic (whichever suits your fancy) descent and not be able to communicate accordingly. 

And I’d also like to learn other languages but I’d like to master my own in the process. 




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