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One of my biggest obstacles of having to immigrate from another country and assimilating into the “American” culture in the 90’s was that I always wished my parents were more like other kids’ parents. The parents who understood and spoke English, who let their kids play outside until the street lights came on.  I wanted them to have bought a house, not rented apartments, live in the suburbs or the actual Manhattan, drive BMWs or Mercedes, at the very least a Ford. I wanted them to be like the parents who kept their heritage but tweaked it so that they fit in with the rest of society.  To me, it was embarrassing to have to translate but it was heart wrenching to see how some people treated my family because they weren't "American." 
At a young age, I was forced to be the big sister that not only had to look out for not only myself, but my younger siblings and my grown parents. My thought process of wanting my parents to be more "American" started when I was in the 3rd grade, when I started noticing the parents of my other friends. Until my late tween years, never did I consider how it was for my parents to have to leave everything and everyone they know to come to a country that, at the time, was filled with violence, drugs and expenses they couldn't afford- they didn't have jobs coming in so they lived off the bare minimum. 
It wasn't until now, that I know of the blood, sweat and tears and the sacrifice they made not just for themselves, but for all of us, us meaning my brother and sister.
My parents moved here in search of a better life, as many before (and after) them still do.There are good people in this world and it doesn't matter what size, shape, sexual orientation, country of origin. We're all humans. Though there is a division, we're all equal. We're all destined for the same ending and we all come from the same place- our parents.  Whether they're good or crappy parents, whether you've met them or they're like your best friends, parents teach us the most valuable of life lessons.

Also, because I know everyone's family situation is different, whichever adult that has sacrificed bits of their life for you and is trying to make you a better overall person do the following, as if they birthed you:

Love them. Cherish them. Appreciate them. Listen to them. They'll teach you more than you could ever imagine.



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