Hall Pass

Warning: This post is just for kicks though it may not be suited for all ages. Hopefully it lightens up someone's day, be it man, woman and young adults. Smile. Laugh. =D
"If all the raindrops: if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops?, oh what a rain that would be, standing outside with my mouth open wide..." Kind of explicit for a children's song huh? It's all about perspective... ;) Well today I was watching Kelly and Michael and guess who was the celebrity guest? None other than Matt Bomer! Now, that's a good looking man if I'd ever seen one. He hits all the right notes: a southern gentlemen, from Texas (nothing against my urban men!), intense blue eyes, dark hair, 6 feet, chiseled physique... mama mia! Seeing that man made me think of an episode of Eric and Jessie on E! where Jessie puts her mother on the spot when she reveals her "hall pass" (Eli Manning). It was one of the many funny moments in the show and obviously it's just something girls fantasize about- relax boyfriends, husbands and fiances, we're faithful. We just have vivid imaginations...

If I ever had the opportunity to have a "hall pass"- a night with a hottie that isn't your man- frankly, I think I wouldn't be able to choose one! =) Here's my list of caliente men that I wouldn't mind spending some time with: (in no particular order)

1. Romeo Santos- he can serenade me any time, any day, any where...
2. William Levy- his eyes tell his soul
3. Ryan Gosling- Crazy. Stupid. Love. The. Notebook. Enough. Said.
Trend alert:
4. Matt Bomer- Blue eyes. Dark hair. Tall.
5. Henry Cavill- Blue eyes. Dark hair. Tall.
6. Tom Welling- Blue eyes. Dark hair. Tall. 
7. Jessie Williams- I would just stare into his eyes all night...

Coincidentally, my brother, boyfriend and I were discussing this only yesterday. I know their Hall Passes but they won't know mine... unless they start read my blog... uh oh- I love you babe! 0=)

Yeah, I know you'll probably be Googling these fellas later on. (Lol) Dream (and fantasize) on! =)


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