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Couldn't wait to post this-- I've been hearing and seeing a lot of buzz about Sophia Amoruso, having watched her today on GMA, purchasing her book, then seeing on Instagram she had a book signing in Dumbo, BK. I've only known about her brand, Nasty Gal, for about a year. I've yet to purchase anything from the site but all the merchandise is unique and well, bad ass. As it should be too. It's virtually the tagline for the entire brand.
I truly admire someone who can give me a run for my money, the kind of people who will make you think twice about the life your living and push you to do so much more than you currently are. That's who Sophia Amoruso is. I'm not going to sit here in gush- I didn't know of her existence until I received an email from school for free tickets to the Katie Couric show where she would be interviewing the Nasty Gal CEO. Her back story is one that many of us relate to. No I haven't done the things Amoruso has but I will say this: we've all had our awkward, "wtf" years. Some living them right now. I'm going to sound like a counselor but hat's all part of growing up. In Sophia's words (loosely paraphrased): you need to learn when to throw the punches and when to roll with them.

So far I am only on page twenty-three and I'm hooked. I purchased the book today at B&N. Kind of mad that I did buy it there after going onto the Nasty Gal site and seeing that the book was at a lower price and included a "$25 off your next purchase" coupon. But hey, when I really want something, I just gotta have it and I just went ahead and got it. Anyways, I bought it today and I've already underlined and marked off excerpts of it that speak to me- either to the person I was, to who I am now and who I want to be. The book is perfect for where I am in life right now- a sort of limbo, deciding on what my next course of action is regarding my goals.

I don't usually buy books- hello, ever hear of public libraries? I think the last book I purchased was a textbook... circa two/three years ago. Not even my favorite authors could get me to purchase their books. It's all about what I want at any given time. This time I wanted something that reflected my goals. Had I any idea this book would be the mirror to my soul? No. Or that Sophia Amoruso was quite possibly the  I always say, everything happens for a reason. On a random note, Sophia is the name I've always said I'd give to my daughter, should I ever decide to have children... I may be reading into all this a bit much, but I believe this complete stranger and her #GIRLBOSS book came to my life for a reason and with a huge purpose.

I'm going to roll with this punch, Life. Cheers. 



My Instagram pic of this AMAZING book-- 

Interested in purchasing the book for yourself? Link aqui (that means "here" in Spanish)-- 

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