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Fall and spring are transition periods that act as Mother Nature’s warnings before winter and summer hit. During this time is when many of us clean out our closets in an effort to tweak our wardrobes for the upcoming season. Our clothing has to correlate with the changing seasons, not only because fashion dictates it but because the weather demands that we do- coats in 90 degree weather? Absurd!
To help you keep on trend, I’ve compiled a list of the fashion tendencies you should be looking out for when revamping your 2014 wardrobe.  Please keep in mind that to be stylish, you don’t have to spend a fortune, especially not on trendy pieces because they are ever changing- what might be “in” today may be “out” tomorrow. If you do splurge on a trendy piece make sure it’s one you’ll continue to wear no matter the season. 

For spring 2014, break free of the dark colors and integrate pastels and punchy brights to your wardrobe. When shopping, look for luxe sweatshirts; full skirts (midi/tea length); nice blouses; iridescence/metallic; graphic prints; cropped tops; floral (of course); plaid (year round fave); athleticism (mesh, sports jackets, caps) and wide leg pants. Jumpsuits and overalls are making a big splash now as well. 

Many of these styles can be used all year, just be savvy with your styling.
Since we are soon ending the spring transitional season (summer is just around the corner!), here’s a quick overview of the next season’s trends (fall/winter) so that you’re looking fabulous all year round!
Fall/winter 2014 will be themed essentially after the whimsical world of fairytales and the lavish lives of royals with a modern day glam twist. It’s about finding your inner queen (or king) - indulging in rich textures, being a bit flashy and putting your best, glamorous, foot forward. 

The prints trend from spring continues on into fall/winter but with a more fairytale-like approach, in particular prints incorporating birds. Capes and cloaks are (and should be) a staple for the colder seasons. They allow us to have some fun with otherwise dreary, heavy coats. This season, have fun with thrown-over-the-shoulder-blanket silhouettes for outerwear. For a more figure flattering option, wrap it up with a belt. And if the bitter cold is too much for a blanket cape to bear, opt for a quilted coat, which was big on the runways. Boots will always be another cold weather staple but if you’re a risk taker, purchase a pair of on-trend glitter boots. Warning: this is a huge fashion risk, so if you’re daring enough to wear it, own it! If the glitter boots are too much, try them in a velvety texture, another trend. A micro trend that plays into the regality of the fall/winter season is clothing with crests. Mix in pieces with intricate designs, embellishments and jewels. Remember, it’s all about being glam and tapping into your inner royal!



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