How can I say this?

Trying to keep up with the Jones’ (whatever that means), I find myself working two jobs, managing a blog and trying to maintain a social life, which honestly, didn’t REALLY exist to begin with. Okay the latter is somewhat of lie but that’s beside the point.
Now that I’ll be working seven days a week- yup that means Monday thru Sunday- I’ll be posting less which hurts me more than it hurts any of you because my creative juices are overflowing; my brain can only retain so much before it explodes! And as awesome as that may sound for some (weird much? ;) ) my brain won’t spew icky goo but of all my undeveloped ideas. And honestly, what’s an idea that hasn’t been fully developed and delivered in a way that everyone can relate to and understand? (Rhetorical question people). I have so many ideas, so many topics to cover that I want to share with all my readers but I must pace myself. I must give my readers time to absorb the information I put out because let’s face it, I post some pretty lengthy stuff. So this is my warning to you guys: there will be times I’ll post two or more per week and other times (wah) where I’ll have to limit my posts to maybe (wince) one per week… or even once per month…? Nah. I don’t think I could THAT. =)

But no one panic, no one fret: I have some awesome topics in store and I won’t let you guys down!

Please keep sending in your suggestions, questions, ideas and yes, even criticism.
And as for a sneak peek? Just remember this: PXO & FFA….

Thank you all for your continuous support!



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