Yesterday’s hot topic was a surveillance video which was released to the media showing Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles, attacking her brother-in-law Jay-Z. Jay tried to deflect her flinging fists and kicks. At one point in the video Solange bangs her head against the elevator wall while a security was holding her back. All this happened after the trio was leaving a Met Gala after party. No one knows exactly what went and my site isn’t about celebrity gossip so my real concern/question is how Beyonce handled the situation. She was seen in a corner of the elevator, at times trying to intervene until finally she stepped in between the two. Personally, I think Beyonce could have been more firm but honestly, Solange was clearly seeing red and when that happens, anyone takes a hit. It’s not a matter of choosing sides. We can post all we want about how she handled herself, whether you agree with it or not but only they know the situation, her actions are justified because only Beyonce knows what really down between her husband and her sister.

Now Solange. God (Bey, Jay and that security guard) only knows what Jay said to her to set her off. Or what he did to her. Rumors are it was business related but is there anything anyone can say to set you off like that? She’s a mother, she’s a fashion muse, she’s an artist, she’s in the public eye, she’s a role model to so many girls. Is that really the message you want to send? Beat up your brother-in-law because you couldn’t handle what he said? To step away from a situation or from people is not cowardly, it shows how much you respect yourself. If something doesn’t suit you, if you don’t agree with something, even if someone demeans you in  any way, you don’t start throwing punches, kicks. Take a deep breath and remove yourself from the situation if you feel your emotions are overpowering your better judgment. People underestimate the power of centering themselves and using their brains, and not their fists, to defuse a situation…

Sol reportedly posted that Jay put his hands on Beyonce... Who knows.

Stay strong, don't do anyone wrong. Even perfection is flawed...



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