B/c of You

B/c of you see life in a different light. You've been a blessing, a pain in my butt, the cause for my tears but also the reason behind my smile and positive outlook on life. B/c of you I decided to not only open my heart but also my mind. To give and take chances and to be unapologetically myself. That's the greatest gift I've ever received.
Your face makes me smile, until I can't help but laugh. Your laugh, even if I'm mad, causes my frown to curl upside down- even if I quickly hide it so that you won't see. B/c of you so many changes have occurred in my heart and in my life. Year after year, things changed. For better or worse but they changed and they've made me who I am today. They've made us who we are today. B/c of you I understand that some life decisions are tough to make but they are what makes us tough. Those tough decisions make us adults. Trust. Honesty. Respect. Love. That's what I hope to give to you. B/c of you I know that not all men are created equal (although many of you have similarities). I've learned to forgive the mistakes of others and forgive myself for mine. B/c of you I've learned, or rather I am learning, to take a deep breath before reacting. To be patient but to not just sit around and wait. Thank you for being patient with me.
B/c of you I've learned that the past is something we can't change, that the present is all we've got and that the future, although uncertain, is always worth looking forward to. Our love is unpredictable, unstable but unfailing. We've managed to make it this far, could you imagine how much further we can go? I don't ever ask you to be perfect, because I know that no one is, not even myself. B/c of you, I've learned to accept and embrace my flaws. To love my body as is, to love myself as I have been created. Your eyes see beyond my exterior. We're not identical twins but we're similar in a lot of ways. And we're also polar opposites in other things. I hope to give to you more than you have given me, not for competition, not because I want to be ahead, but b/c the gifts you've given me, I can't ever purchase. You came to my life in my most impressionable years and I thank God every day for his timing. You are my rock. You are my soul. You are my love. And I am exclusively, forever and always yours.
I love you with all my heart babe. Forever and always. Until death or a hoe (LOL I had to =) you know my humor) do us part.
If we ever get married, remember this. If we ever get separated, remember this. If you ever feel alone, sad and I'm not there to make you better, remember these words. Remember that my heart is yours, no matter how many William Levy's or Romeo's pop up in the world. You know my conditions. Heck, sometimes you know me better than I know myself.

We're meant to be.
You+Me for eternity.



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