FASH 101 #1

Welcome to FASH 101, the basics every fashion lover should, MUST, know about this wonderfully insane industry.

How many seasons in a fashion year?

Mother nature has bestowed upon planet Earth four seasons- winter (personal fave), spring, summer and fall. Fashion, however, has its own forecasting system. The fashion year is made up 2 major seasons- the RTW* collections (1) Fall/Winter and (2) Spring/Summer- and 4 additional ones (3) Couture; (4) Men’s (5) Pre-Fall and Resort (or “Cruise”) and (6) Bridal.

Understanding the lingo- Knowing WTH fashionites are saying with their ABBREV (abbreviations) and seemingly secret code of word.

What is “couture”?
Special made beautiful clothing. Handmade. Very expensive. 

What is “Pre-fall” and “Resort”?
These capsule collections consist of a few looks released prior to the occurrence of major fashion weeks. They are like sneak peeks into what is to come for the collections that follow it, whether that be FW or SS. They keep the public looking forward for what’s to come while temporarily satisfying the unquestionable thirst for new collections.
“'Resort' or 'cruise' is the collection that lands in stores around November to fill the gap between autumn/winter (which arrives in store in September), and spring/summer (in store February). Originally targeted at wealthy customers jetting off to warmer climes in winter (hence 'cruise'), the collection would historically be full of light summer clothing and swimwear… Similarly, 'pre-fall' bridges the gap between the spring/summer and autumn/winter shows, hitting stores in May.”

Bridal and Men’s are pretty self-explanatory- one collection showcases the upcoming fashions for brides, the other for men.

Once, and if, you are immersed in the fashion industry, you’ll find that different companies have different ways of titling each season. For example- some will say AW14 while others will say FW14.  Familiarize yourself with AW- Autumnal/Winter- FW- Fall/Winter. The 14 being the year it is representing. Currently, designers have launched their 2015 collections for Bridal and Resort. We’re expecting Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter to be launched soon.

SS14-Spring/Summer 2014

How does the fashion calendar work?
This industry is ahead of its time, even though it sometimes pull its inspiration from decades past.
For example, companies spend thousands, millions on trend forecasters (people who determine up-and-coming trends) to be ahead of the game. If something has to be in store Feb. '14, it's concept began right after the previous year's fashion week. The industry works about 6 months to a year ahead of its time.

RTW… what?!
*RTW stands for Ready-to-Wear which is essentially factory-made clothing for the masses, e.i you, me, the human population. If you want to get fancy, use the French way of saying RTW which is prêt-à-porter. 

What is a catwalk?
The platform in which the models walk on during fashion shows.

What is “Fashion Week”? What are the major fashion cities?
Fashion week occurs during the major
NYFW- New York Fashion
LFW- London Fashion Week
MFW- Milan Fashion Week
PFW- Paris Fashion Week
Above? The major fashion cities. But we're recently seeing an emergence in other cities such as Miami, Sao Paolo, etc.

Answered to the best of my ability, with some research in between. Putting my degree to good use.   =)



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