FASH 101- Color Coordinating

Coordinating colors in your outfit. Definitely a feat in itself as there a hundreds of colors that frankly all look similar to the next anyway. My go-to colors: black, grey, navy and white. Why? Because they are classics, neutrals and can be worn with any other color (hint number 1). But in case you, like myself, are trying to switch it up and break from the usual black and white with pop of color outfit, here are some more tips on how to get color coding right.

First, the basics. Primary colors are red, blue and yellow. They are the bases for every other color. Pretty cool, right? Yeah… a lot of people are afraid of these colors because they feel it’ll make them look less sophisticated. Wrong! Primary colors can be a tool to making the body longer, i.e. slimmer, if worn from head to toe. This means red shirt with matching red pants (not necessarily a red shoe but a nude shoe would elevate the outfit and make you look even longer, again i.e. slimmer). Of course, I don’t expect everyone to jump on the monochrome bandwagon so for those who aren’t so adventurous, try the primary colors in bursts. For example, I’ll wear a grey top with black pants tucked into my black boots (helps me look longer and slimmer) and my pop of color would either be a red lip and/or a red clutch. Or blue jeans with a white tee. Red pumps with black and white. You can also try the monochromatic look with secondary colors as well, as seen on JLO, with nude Louboutin pumps:

I’ll continue the lesson in future posts as I don’t want to overwhelm y’all with information.
Try different looks and see what works for you.



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