A letter to the grandfather I didn't have the opportunity to meet, in honor of the upcoming Father's Day.

Dear Papa,
I know exactly what I want to say so I'll just get right to the chase: first off, I hope that there's a translator up in heaven because I know you didn't know a lick of English... second, I want you to know how much I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet you. You know that your departure had a major impact on my father's life. Everything changed, everything went downhill. You were the family's rock. You were there superman. But alas, God had other plans. 

These things happen, I know. But if there's any way that these words can reach you, please know that I love you for being such a wonderful dad to my amazing dad. Everything happens for a reason. Even though I detest the occurrence, I couldn't have asked for a better grandfather because your legacy of being a good father, husband and son, lives on with my father. I never thought to do this until I saw a little old man on the train, dressed to the nines, checking his watch every now and then and I just thought, "Grandpa." I guess it was how I pictured you were.
Thank you for being my guardian angel, even though you didn't get to meet me in real life. Just so you know, my brother looks just like you. And your babies, my aunts, uncles and my dad, are doing just fine. We're all pulling through...

I wrote the above a few weeks ago. On that very same day, on the train, on my way to work, write after I had written the above, I overheard someone listening one of my favorite songs of all time. Evanesence's "My Immortal" a song I haven't heard in years. One that signifies an undying love, one that does not live physically but is eternally present...

Call me crazy, but I feel that was a sign from you that my words have reached you. Thank you grandpa. Message received :')

Happy Father's Day! 




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