My heart is like seriously skipping beats… the Fall 2014 Couture shows have launched!

Call me corny and overly dramatic but fashion is my life and I LIVE from these couture shows. I may not be on top of when they come out exactly but once the images/videos are released, I literally would sit at home for hours to view them.

So far, here’s my verdict:
Magnificent- Dior (true to form: elegant, exquisite, luxurious yet never overdone. So difficult choosing a few images!)

Badass- (JLO showed up already wearing a piece from the collection- looking amazing. The white fringe number, the silver sparkle jumpsuit and the dominatrix meets princess gown from the runway were all both shocking and amazing!)

Quirky- Elsa Schiaparelli (as if she were still alive with an always present modern twist)

Meh- Stephanie Coudert (the clothing is considered couture but it wasn’t a stand-out collection for me. However, below is my fave); 

Fred Sathal (many pieces were impressive- I am kind of obsessed with the final dipped-in-fairy-dust look- and of course anything that sparkled); 

Giambattista Valli (Stripes. Flowers. Sunglasses and a purple Sasquatch. Been there, done that).
*Ready to Wear

I’ll keep on the lookout for the rest of the crop as they pop up!



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All images from WWD website.


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