Love Sick

They say falling in love is taking a risk.
They’re right.
How would I know he’s not a psycho killer?
How do I know he’ll be a good dad? Just because he is a good boyfriend, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be a good dad. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stick around to be a dad.
How do I know I won’t be abandoned? Cheated on? Disrespected?
It’s always wonderful in the beginning but what about later on? What about when I have no longer giving off that “new car smell” and we’re used to each other?
What then?
Can you pay bills? Are you dependent on me? Do I become dependent on you?
What happens when the trust is broken? Do you try and repair it or simply walk away?
Can you simply just walk away after so many years of being with someone?
Is it possible to start over new? With someone else? I know in my heart that it is possible. I know my heart what I want out of a relationship.

I know in my heart what I want, what I need.

No one but God can tell me otherwise.



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