I too have my moments when I feel that everyone is having fun without me. Sounds silly but I do. My mind grasps thoughts along the lines of everyone has their life straightened out but me; everyone is living exactly the way they have always dreamed to be living- except me.They usually come to me at night, when I have nothing more to do but lay in bed and scroll through social media.
After a while, what starts sinking in is the fact that those thoughts don't change me or my life. Thoughts like those only increase my self consciousness, negatively, and cause me to revert to a state of quietness, confusion. A state of mind where feel I only have myself. My mind tricks me into believing that I'm alone in a world of a billion.
But that's not true. I'm not alone. Just because I'm not popping bottles on Saturdays or hanging out with family/friends every other weekend does not, should not make me feel like I'm alone.

People will say what they want regardless of what I'm doing. That's why I made up my mind long ago (despite my thoughts) that I'm going to grind, to hustle, to work until I'm satisfied with MY life.
I'm not here to live out the life of another. I've been put on this Earth for a purpose; one I may still be trying to figure out. But I'm not rushing to find out what that purpose is.

Everyone is different. Everyone lives at their own pace. Let me live mine, on my own time. My struggles are solved with MY hard work, sweat and tears. No way I'm giving up after all these years. My dreams will come true. If it takes me twenty more years, I won't give up. Neither should you. Open your heart and let the world in. The good and the bad. It's the only way to learn, it's the only way to grow.

Went on a rant but I had to get this off my chest for my own good. Hopefully this reaches someone who needed an extra push through a tough day or someone who believes there's nothing more to life. There is always more to life (& to what people post it to be). But you have to allow yourself to live to find out what that is. Allow yourself to feel pain and pleasure. Find a balance that works for you. My interests are way different than that of many of my family members. I've learned that over the years and I'm done beating myself up for it. I'm done undermining myself because I'm not like the others. I'm different. I don't have to be like them. I have to be myself. People will either love me and accept me or not but that's a risk I'm more than willing to take. No comprising. No censoring. This is me. Hate it or love it, I don't care. :) 



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