Currently, I'm reading Isabel Toldeo's Roots of Style and it's awakened a side of me that has been asleep for what seems like hundreds of years. After high school, upon entering fashion college, fashion became more commercial than art. It was about more about how much can we produce to sell, sell, sell as opposed to what will turn heads, what will last, what will make a statement about the woman wearing it? Metrics overruled the magic of fashion. It began to loose its luster. It was more cooperate America than I anticipated. I started to question today's industry: are they all here for the money, fame and power or the art of fashion? At one point, designers had the final say in what the people wore. But then, it all flipped. Consumers wanted, and took, control- and because the dollars weren't rolling in, companies gave in to this. Bi-annual fashion shows became a hub for everyone, from the media, to celebrities, to the normal folk. Technological advances infiltrated fashion and made it accessible to all. It's great that now the general public has all this new found information about what goes on behind the scenes within the industry but where's the mystery and magic behind it?

Clothing is concrete, fashion is abstract. It is up for interpretation. Everyone has a different point of view of what it is and what it should be. To me, fashion is art. And like in museums, art should be untouchable so that it can remain pure and true to form...

I admire Toledo's approach to fashion. It is how the greats, like Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, delivered art, not just fancily tailored cloth. I met her once, at the 92Y. She was being interviewed by Marie Claire's Nina Garcia, her husband, Ruben Toledo by her side. They're an inspiration on so many levels... 



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