The Wants Override the Needs

It seems a surprisingly amount of women “body bash”- they pin point specific areas of their bodies they don’t like. Even the most beautiful of women will find something wrong with themselves, either to make themselves less “perfect” or just because they are genuinely self-conscious about something. Women, and men alike, often self-hate themselves because they do not look a certain way.

It’s time we stop that. ALL BODIES ARE DIFFERENT. As much as we workout, diet, summit ourselves to plastic surgeries, we’ll never look exactly how we “want” to or we’ll always find something else that needs “fixing.” I feel that the more you focus on your outer beauty, the less you focus on just being an overall better person. You walk the fine line of being obnoxious and a narcissist. no matter how many times you alter your physical appearance, unless you have a Freaky Friday moment, you won’t ever be anyone but yourself.

I admit, it’s tough seeing all these beautiful women in the world and feeling like we need to meet their standard of beauty. A lot of times, we even feel pressured to look a certain way so that we can be accepted by society as beautiful. Men feel the same pressure from women- if he doesn’t look like the guy we picture in our minds, we usually don’t go for them.
We don’t even give people a chance because of our vanity, at times, because of our personal insecurities. Life shouldn’t be a measure of how beautiful but of what you can offer beyond physicalities.

Stop comparing yourself to the “hot” girl or “hot” guy. (Ever wonder why the “ugly” girl or guy is with the “hot” girl or guy? Well it’s probably because that “ugly” person is offering something more than just a nice pair of jugs or a pretty face or a “hot body”, that “hot” guy/girl really admires, appreciates and wants in their life.)

This is EXTREMELY corny but let your inner beauty shine through. Hop off the Ideal Beauty bandwagon and find within yourself what truly makes you a beautiful person.

If you think changing your outer-self will make you more appealing or you can’t resist the urge to “body bash” then by all means, go right ahead. But then look at the people who have chosen to accept what God (and/or nature) has given them and use that to their full potential.

Only thing you can truly change is your outlook on life and how YOU VIEW YOURSELF.



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