Psychedelic Orb

Ever get that feeling in your chest that doesn’t go away? You can’t pinpoint the exact emotion- is it anger, fear, sadness, excitement, nervousness? It’s like an orb that glows from within but only you feel it’s warmth. You swallow hard but there it remains, lodged between your ribs. You take deep breaths and nothing; it’s still there, stubborn and obnoxious. All you can do is sit there and think, what is it? What is this feeling? You’ll start think about EVERYTHING you’ve done, as if the past has the answers to how you’re feeling today. Many times it does but we all have to learn to leave yester-feelings in yesterday.

That little orb goes away with a distraction but comes back when something ignites it. That’s when it’ll hit you- the burning realization of what that feeling is. Positive or negative, it’ll be there until you deal with it.

Don’t stop your life for unknown feelings. Take that opportunity to get to know yourself, to know what triggers certain feelings in you, to know what causes you to take a stand.




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