Fabletics & Boobies

I've been walking/volunteering for several organizations under the finding a cure for cancer umbrella. I've seen people struggle with living with cancer, the toll it takes on them and those around them. I know people currently in remission and I know those who have lost the battle to it (members of my family included). And now that many of the women in my life are (I'm sorry!) of a certain age, they along with many other women, need to realize the importance of getting checked. Touch your boobies women! Make an appointment and get a mammogram! It's never too early.

To support the cause, I'm signing up for a local awareness walk, courtesy of a little sunshine's school.
If you live in the New York/Yonkers are and are interested in walking with us, sign up here: Lancers Stride with Pride..

For the walk I took advantage of the Fabletics Boutique VIP deals & bought this fabulous outfit:
Check out their full collection here: Fabletics
Get your touch of pink. Touch your boobs (mammography). Look fab & walk for a cure!



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