Eloise at Christmastime

I am a city child… although I don’t live at the Plaza. However, one of my favorite little fictional munchkins does. If you don’t know who she is, her name is Eloise and she’s six years old. She lives in the heart of NYC with her Nanny, dog “Weenie” and pet turtle “Skipperdee.” One can only dream of such a fabulous life at such a young age!

Inspired by the book series turned movie, Eloise at Christmastime (2003), here are a few looks to recreate this holiday season. Choose any of the below and you will look, as Eloise would say, rawther amazing.

Both (Option)- Tights

Striped Pink Pajama Set- Victoria's Secret
1. Fireside Long Jane Pajama
2. The Cotton Mayfair Pajama
3. The Afterhours Satin Pajama

“I always say what’s in my mind. It makes everything so much easier.”



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