Blue Colors

And my heart is very, possibly overly, forgiving.

It feels everything intensely, although I’ve trained to not feel.

But that wouldn’t be fair to those that love me.

That isn’t be fair to those that I love.

I’ve come such a long way- from not caring at all, to caring too much.

I’m finding my balance. I’m finding my inner peace. My inner strength.

To succeed, to move on. To live on. To keep on.

To swim the depths of my emotional ocean and not drown in the process.

And not to drown those casually floating above. Or those swimming through.

My waves crash and burst against rocks but eventually they soften.

And all at once I become soft waves, caressing the sands of time.

Living in the moment and not letting life get the best of me.

Storms naturally happen. And many times they happen within me.

But there’s a force much more powerful than my own.

And it helps me get through the thunder, the lightning, the hail, the blizzard that encompass my heart.

Silver linings enclose my clouds and life seems to get better.

Because instead of forcing a square into the circle of life, I let Him create the puzzle to where I am destined to be the best fit.

Imagine a life without me as I imagine a life without you.

I was created to be human.

Not to be perfect.

These are my true colors, the blue colors that make up the person I am, the person I am destined to be.



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