Great Minds

I wish I knew what I know now, in many aspects of my life. But more so when it comes to my then future, my now present.
I would have not gone to college had it not been what my parents wanted. If it were up to me, I'd get all my experience in "the real world." I'd be interning in NYC and traveling the world, gaining "real world experience."
I wouldn't have taken out loans, which I'm currently paying for now- instead of owning/saving up for a down payment.
And when I were ready to go to school, I'd go to a less expensive school and learned how to sew, how to drape.
My creativity flows. My time is limited- because of my schedule at my job. I honestly don't have the cojones to quit. I don't want to. I'm learning so much. And I have bills to pay. Lots of them.
Fashion isn't for everyone. But fashion is for every body.
It's you. It's me.
It's all of us who dare to wear floral with polka dots, leopard with plaid and of course, head to toe black.
To make it in fashion you don't have to be you and find a place that accepts you in all your glory.

Create that if you must.

I may not be where I imagined myself to be but I'm not done living yet. Heck, I've only just begun.



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