You're American Now

“Tu eres Dominicana?” Are you Dominican?
“Pero naciste aqui, verdad?” But you were born here [in the US] right?
“No. Yo naci halla.”
“O no parece. Se te fue el sazon. Tu eres Americana ya.” Oh, doesn’t seem like it. The spice is gone. You’re American now.

You're American now. You're American now. 

Story of my adult life. 
If you look at my passport, yes I am American now. At 18, I became a naturalized citizen of the US. However, my blood is as Latin as can be.
Why do I have to fit the mold of what a certain culture is? Can’t I just be myself? Surely, I’ve been molded by both cultures. And anyone, whether they know me personally or not, can see that I’m not “the typical Dominican girl.” What is that anyway? Many like to think it’s the female with acrylic nails, pounds of makeup, unruly curls, curvaceous body and an attitude to boot. Well, we don’t ALL fit that mold. I am my own damn self. And whether I want to “act white” or succumb to the stereotype of my culture, that’s my call. I love being Dominican. I love living in America. What’s it to yuh? 
Even if how I carry myself reads gringa  or American, my attitude, my inspiration, my "spice" is most definitely Dominicana.

Trust me honey, I didn’t lose my sazon. I just know how to utilize it.
Don’t tempt me.



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