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PXO- my abbreviation for proximo. "Proximo" definition: Spanish for next, up and coming. A post about the next big thing. Up and coming artists, entrepreneurs, etc.

Up to the batter's plate, a dear friend of mine since my high school days, who established a brand called MUTE. No it's not the record label started back in 1978- we're not THAT old (no offense to those born on that day!). MUTE is a brand for the new generation.Want to know more, like what the heck MUTE really stands for? Read on at MUTE NYC.

Founder Anthony "Leo" Quezada, is Mr. Calm, Cool  & Collected. The pics below of him with the likes of Travie McCoy (Gym Class Heroes), Nicky Diamond (mastermind behind Diamond Supply Co.) and Jeff Staple (founder of the visual communications agency Staple Designs). Sweet.

"A queen's just a pawn with a bunch of fancy of moves." (Love that song).

Bow down, b*tches. (That one too)



To shop MUTE, email me at nels0104@gmail.com. 

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