The female with a young mind finds comfort in those who applaud her, in the males who "love" her.
A strong minded female does not let her feelings for a man deter her ambition for a better life.
Infatuation is not love.

I asked two males, Who run the world? Females or males? I received a different answer from both.

The younger (18) said  men let women believe they run world but in reality, men do. Why? Because women are too emotional (true) & because without males, women wouldn't be able to continue living... 

Second male (25) had a different outlook. He was actually appalled and laughed at what male number one said. "We all play our part. Women are emotional, yes, but women use that power to get what they want. Men have physical strength; women play mind games. And that's dangerous. Your little mind games are what drive men crazy." (And isn't that what men like? Just a little bit of crazy?) ;) 

I am a feminist but I'm not burning my bras or throwing out all of my beauty products. I do not mind living in a "man's" world but best believe I'll be MYSELF while in it. 


#woman #beyourself #bestrong #innerstrength #yesyoucan #yesyouwill #loveyourselffirst #rainingmen #doyouboo 


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