A lot of people don't believe me, but in the course of a year, I gained about 50 lbs. Yup- 50!I went from a 116lb teen with a 24in waist, to a 150+ lb young adult (cringe!). Culprit: fast food!
My body type is somewhat of an hourglass (minus the top half around the chest area-- sigh) But I guess that would make me a pear? Whatever. My body type is female. That's it. =D
Now I'm on a mission. Not to go back to 116 but to get the body I want. Think Wonder Woman (minus of course her C-cups--- again, sigh LOL)

Training for the Mudderella and the Color Run have been great motivation to get up and get sweating. I do everything from the Mudderella training workouts (click here) to YouTube videos like Fitness Blender's "Cardio Kickboxing" to Psyche Truth's "Flexibility Stretches for Dancers." (I am by no means a dancer. But they have amazing bodies so duh I'll attempt to do what they do!)

Oh yeah: and for the most I do eat healthy- heavy breakfast, salad with every lunch, little to now bread intake (even wheat) & minimal nighttime eating. And I'll be honest: I do sneak in a cupcake and pizza here and there. It's about MODERATION!! I've also invested in Shredz Supplements, a foam roller, weights, yoga mat and other exercise gear including a volley ball and soccer ball (so excited about that because Lord knows I despise running on a treadmill. I'd rather run after a soccer ball than stare at a wall or sweaty weird guy that keeps looking back at me).

Favorite workout song- "Lose Yourself" Eminem
Amps me up and makes me forget the rest of the world. Just me and my goals.

What's your workout song? What's your motivation to get up and get sweating?

 (Don't know why my picture is tilted!! Could not fix it, like at all. SMH)


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  1. Lol..keep it up!! πŸ’™πŸ’™

  2. Favorite workout song--'You Can Do It' -Ice Cube πŸ™†πŸ˜ˆ

    1. I'll have to give "You Can Do It" a listen!

      Thank you!

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