Grown Woman

Ok- let’s get this out there: I do whatever I want… for the most part and especially when it comes to my blog. I’m a one woman show that has a different set of priorities than most bloggers/fashion people. Because I don’t have deadlines or requirements to meet, I do things at my own pace and I post about whatever tickles my fancy. I’m sure Chanel is rolling over in her grave and would probably call me lazy but rest assured idol of mine, I’m working on a lot. In the world of oversharing, I’m trying to maintain a certain magic- the kind of magic found in the few millennials who cared less about selfies and more about actually living in the moment. So excuse me if I’m not posting about Caitlyn Jenner’s magnificent photo shoot with Vanity Fair or Kim Kardashian’s confirmed pregnancy or the amazing 2016 Resort collections (stay tuned for my favorite looks) or gushing about Rihanna’s uber cool, risque style or mentioning today would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 89th birthday… you guys get the picture. 

Oh yeah, and that the CFDA Awards happening tonight. Check out my best dressed here- CFDA 2015.

There’s so much more to my life than fashion/entertainment and KUWK. Obviously.

Be patient with me everyone! I’m working on a few things and I promise to post as often as possible. Thank you for all those who continuously keep up with my blog! I really appreciate it! Sorry for yelling too… (all the extra exclamations, for those who are still recovering from the weekend)   =)



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