The size of your body. What progress you've made in X amount of time. How successful you've become in X amount of years. Where you should be in life. All things that we measure to equate to happiness.
But who determined one size fits all?
Who said we have to fit a mold to be happy?
Society throws its measurements onto us and expects us to "go with flow" and "be happy."
How can anyone be happy when they're being compared to another?

Listen to advice and let others help you but don't let someone tell you what your happiness is or what it should be. If you're not harming yourself or others, live your life like you want it.
We've come a LONG way. And by we I mean everyone from all walks of life. Doesn't matter if you're a black female or a gay man or a white little boy or a transgender. You deserve happiness and you deserve to measure life in the way that truly fits you.

Follow your heart to the wonders of the world.


Image is not mine. Found online.


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